How not to sell your yacht

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You have a yacht and you want to sell it today, ten months down the line the yacht is still sitting there mocking your marketing skills. Then you ask yourself, what could be the problem? Is it witchcraft or maybe its bad luck caused by someone putting hexes on you? Now before you call the priest and the exorcist, have you considered that maybe you are not selling the yacht right.

Some reasons that maybe keeping your yacht from selling are:

You hired the wrong broker

The wrong broker simply refers to someone who lacks experience when it comes to selling yachts, this can be anyone. It maybe your friend, relative or even a ‘professional’, the thing is, if you listen to bad advise you will make the wrong decision. This makes it of utmost importance to ensure that the broker you hire is an experienced professional who knows what he or she is doing.

The easiest way to determine whether or not someone knows how to sell a yacht is to look at their reputation i.e. find out what other buyers and sellers are saying about the broker.

Simply put, you are looking for a person who knows how to market, price and negotiate a yacht sale. He or she must also be conversant with the legal aspects of buying and selling a yacht.

Your marketing is bad

Selling a yacht is dependent on how you market the vessel, if you or your broker is bad at marketing selling the boat will be difficult. The trick is to know who to target and how to do it, a good place to place an ad is on a national yachting publication, social media or on a company website.

Good marketing is expensive; this means that if you decide to sell on your own you will have to use lots of money. On the other hand if you hire a broker, the broker will use the company’s resources to reach customers for you.

The yacht is overpriced

There is one very important thing that you should know about pricing a yacht, the prices here are set by buyers and market conditions. This means that timing and setting the price right is very important, therefore before you sell or buy, check the current market rates. This will give you an idea of how much to sell for.

A good way to make the boat a little more competitive is to slightly lower the price; this will make the buyer think that they are getting a better price. For example, most people will go for a pen that costs $ 2.99 than one that costs $ 3. Remember it’s a competition and most of your competitors are shiny new boats sitting in showrooms.

The yacht is not in good shape

A simple thing like the engine failing to start up can cost you a sale; this makes it very important to ensure that the yacht is always in showroom condition. Therefore get the engine checked, clean the boat and make it presentable.

Where you place your boat is also very important, make sure that the boat is placed in a location that has maximum exposure to potential buyers. If you keep it hidden no one will know that you are selling.