boatHang a For Sale sign and wait, that’s the formula for selling your yacht right? If you think that’s it, you should be prepared to continue selling your yacht for a very long time; you see the thing is yachts are expensive. This means that for someone to buy your yacht he or she must have a very good reason to do so, if you don’t give the person a reason to buy your yacht then no one will want it.

For instance, let’s assume that you have an old yacht, the yacht is still in good working condition but the problem is it’s dirty and looks old. If you sell the yacht in its current condition, you will sell it at a loss.

The easiest way to sell a yacht is to turn to professionals like us especially in this market, we know how to prepare your yacht and get you the best prices.

Now ask yourself this, if you were the buyer would you buy something dirty or worn out? Therefore the first thing to do before putting your yacht on the market is prepare the yacht.

Prepare the yacht

The first thing you must do is ensure that everything is in good working order, and I mean everything from the engine to the coffee maker if you have one.

Think of the yacht as the bride and you as the father, would you let your daughter get married when looking dirty or smelling funny or would you want her to be perfect for her wedding day?

Simply put, you will have to clean everything regardless of how big the yacht is, if you are not up to it you can hire someone do it for you.

A good way to ensure that everything is working as it should is to get the engines surveyed; getting the engine surveyed is a critical part of selling a yacht especially if you are selling it online. Getting your yacht surveyed by professional bodies such as NAMBS will give you credibility i.e. buyers won’t have reasons to doubt you.

The pricing

Getting the price right is very important, look at it this way, if you overprice it finding a buyer will be difficult.

On the other hand if you undervalue the boat you will lose money, a good way to get the pricing right is to go online and look at the prices of similar fishing yachts. Here you will have to compare every detail such as time, location, accessories and even the age of the boat.

The idea is to have a general idea of how much your yacht will sell for, note that, getting the pricing right is not as straight forward as it sounds.

If you are in doubt you can contact us and we will help you price it properly, this will ensure that you get the amount you deserve.

Why pick us

As a company we understand how important your yacht is to you, that’s why we assign experienced professionals who place your yacht in a location where it gets plenty of exposure.

We believe that the more exposure your yacht gets the more it will sell for, that’s why we advertise both in print and online. all we require you to do is give us a net to work from and we will do the rest.