How to make your yacht attractive to buyers

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As humans I think it’s safe to assume that we all have a weakness for pretty things, the problem or the good thing about pretty things is they have a tendency to be expensive. This is good for the seller and bad for the buyer, if you decide to sell a yacht on your own there are a number of things that you should know, one of them is the yacht must be pretty.

The most important thing here is to know how to attract buyers, if you don’t master this skill you will have a very difficult time selling your yacht. The first step to making your yacht attractive to buyers is to clean the vessel.

Clean the yacht

Ask yourself this, would you want to buy a yacht that smells like sheep or worse? I know I wouldn’t. Therefore the first thing to do is to clean the yacht, the simple act of cleaning your yacht can shed a few years off it.

Meaning that it will look attractive to buyers, on the other hand if you don’t clean the yacht it will look dirty, smell bad and even if you somehow manage to sell the yacht you won’t get value for money.

As a consequence of this clean the cabinets, bilge, sole lockers etc. But be very careful here if you use the wrong products the results may be premature cracking, yellowing, scratches and cloudiness. My recommendation is to use bleach for toilets and sinks, lemon oil to clean wooden surfaces or simple green as a general cleaner.

To protect your yacht from the sun you should wax it, generally the idea is to make sure that the yacht looks clean and smells fresh.

Learn how to market your yacht

Placing a For Sale sign on your yacht is not enough here; if you decide to sell the yacht on your own you should place it in a location where it gets maximum exposure. One good recommendation is on the side of a highway.

But a better option is to go online, now it’s not necessary that you build your own website here, all you have to do is to use the power of social media, use pictures to entice buyers and know exactly where to place your ads. If you have a large enough vessel then consider using a local caterer like Just Right and throw a boat party kind of like real estate agents do.

Direct mail is another tool used by most brokers, if you are selling the yacht on your own getting this right maybe tricky. Therefore it’s best to leave it to professionals, alternatively if the yacht is an expensive one you can place it on industry publications such as boat trader, boat international, cruising world and yachting if you can afford it.

Doing this will get you global exposure, what makes this option better than social media is these magazines are targeted to people who actually buy yachts or boats.

You can also place your ads in newspapers.

Generally the idea is to get as much exposure as you can, all this may sound easy on the surface but it’s not especially if it’s your first time selling a yacht. Question is, why bother yourself with all this when you can just call us and we will do all that for you?